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Tolworth Tower

Tolworth House

Client: Meadow Residential 

Key features:

·      Conversion of an office block into residential flats.
·      78 two-bedroom apartments delivered over 5 storeys.
·      Successful management of challenging logistics. 

This scheme saw the conversion and redevelopment of an office block to provide a residential development of 78 two-bedroom apartments over 5 storeys. 

The fit out was carried out while the space was live and operational. We worked safely above 22 floors of office space and a live retail space and ensured that our works were carried out sensitively to avoid any disruption to the live areas of the building. Regular communication with tenants and stakeholders ensured that we carried our works out in the least disruptive manner, working out of hours where necessary to accommodate the occupants. 

We also implemented a phased handover which allowed our client to secure early leases, increasing their forecast occupancy and their return on investment sooner. 

"We were extremely happy with Boom’s project delivery and diligent and proactive service in all aspects to ensure the project was delivered on time and within budget.”
Peter Bennison, Managing Director, Meadow Residential

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