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Signal Works

Signal Works

Client: Circle Developments /  LTDA

(London Taxi Drivers Authority)

Key features:

•    Refurbishment and extension of the LTDA Head Office.
•    Challenging logistics in a central London location.
•    Appears in the Royal Insti
tute of British Architects 2021 ‘The List’ publication.

This project involved the refurbishment and extension of a 4 storey building to create a 5 storey office for the London Taxi Authorities Head Office. 

The existing roof was removed and replaced with a 2 storey hot rolled steel and SFS structure. The new 3rd floor façade was of masonry construction with the top floor being a combination of curtain walling and cladding. The lift shaft was extended from the second floor to service the entire building and a new steel staircase was installed to provide access to the top floor. 

We successfully managed the challenging logistics on this tight site, and our works progressed with no impact on the surrounding area. 

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